Love the look….

In celebration of NY Fashion Week I thought I’d start off my Monday with a fashion post. It’s still frigid here in Boston. So as much as I’d love to be wearing springy brights and pretty ballet flats it just wouldn’t be practical.
We are surrounded by snow, so warm boots and cozy jackets are in order! My boyfriend and I are trying to plan an extended warm get away for the beginning of April. My fingers are crossed it all works out. I’ve had a cold for what seems like months now. I could use a little extra vitamin D….

Olivia always looks so incredibly chic and the outfit on the left is something I’d love to wear while running around NYC. (I’m headed there for an exciting work trip in March)

The good thing about shopping for winter clothing in February is that most items are on sale right now! (some of my picks are on sale – including those killer Prada boots!!)


* If it seems a bit much to splurge on leather pants, I always buy the faux ones at ZARA. They’re great and the best knockoff I’ve seen.

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