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As you may have heard the Coachella festival begins this weekend. I can’t even begin to blog about it because I have never been but you can be sure if I lived in the California area, I would be going. It looks pretty amazing! I love music and enjoy hearing new bands: so let’s just say it’s on my bucket list, plus visiting california is always a good idea. From what I have seen it has a pretty casual vibe..So I put together a typical “music festival” look for today’s love the look post……

Here’s the look:

#1 – top, see below. I actually love the custom ordered ones.
#2. and #5. Are available at ShopBop, they are having a 25% off of the entire site sale!! Use code: Spring25 at checkout.
#6 – More on this fabulous skin care line to come!!! ( I am going to do a entire blog post on it – I have a slew of samples coming in the mail. I am excited to try them out) And you know how neurotic I am about wearing sunscreen on my face!
#7 – I own a pair of Frye boots.  A splurge, yes, but worth every dime!! They are super comfy and only get better with age. I prefer to wear booties to concerts because your feet tend to get dusty or even worse…..If you are camping at Coachella you can bring both!! This is the Paige bootie- purchase it here.
#8 – I am loving the tiny stud trend! These star earrings are adorable!! 

And the background on the fabulous Oaxacan tops:

Bradley’s top via Luella & June
Hand embroidered 
Mi Golondria owned by Cristina Lynch sells these beautiful, custom, hand embroidered tops. They are made in the villages outside of Oaxaca, Mexico. Read the story here. Each top is custom made for you.

Aidacoronado is another shop that sells Mexican embroidered tops and dresses.

Oaxaca, Mexico (It’s always nice to have a visual location)

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