A little R + R

{A Peek at Nantucket}
I’ve made some time for a little vacation this August. A few days in the country + a few days at the beach! I’m off to Nantucket and have just returned from Vermont – I’ll be back on Monday!!! Happy Summer Weather!!

+ a peek at Vermont style!

{ I would love a bank of windows like this in my “dream kitchen” someday.}

Images: #2 Boston Globe Mag., # 3 Coastal Living, #5 Country Living

8 thoughts on “A little R + R”

  1. That's so funny – we rented the house in the 4th picture (the kitchen with the windows) a few summers ago. It's in Litchfield County Connecticut and was owned and designed by Nancy Fishelson. THe property was to die for. I'll never forget it.

  2. I love that you rented that house. How funny. It's beautiful and reminds me of Vermont. The other two pictures are actually in V.T. I'll look into Nancy Fishelson. Thanks for your note.

  3. I'm so jealous someone got to rent the house with the perfect kitchen!

    Julie, your blog is wonderful. Thanks for choosing such wonderful pictures.

    We just visited Boston this summer and took in Salem for just a morning before we left. A shame we didn't get to spend more time there.

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