Let the sunshine in..

love the windows, airiness and play of light in all of these spaces..if you live down south I’m sure you’ve had a chance to throw open the windows..for now, I’m counting the days!images: via desire to inspire, Elle Decor, Tria Giovan, via just beachy, country living, jeffrey bilhuber, ?, jay jeffers

24 thoughts on “Let the sunshine in..”

  1. These are some lovely images! I have had the opportunity to open up the windows for the past two weeks, it's been wonderful to let the sunshine and fresh air in!!

  2. So many gorgeous light-filled rooms. I love nothing more than opened windows and nice breezes. It just makes me feel calm and happy. I'm counting down the days until we will have to close them up because it's too hot. I hope the days go slow!

    Beautiful post ~

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