Lamp Love Part Deux

I love the quirkiness of gold gilt tole table lamps..They look darling in Celerie Kemble’s Master Bedroom. The two below are currently for sale on e-bay
image: Lonny Magazine

11 thoughts on “Lamp Love Part Deux”

  1. I LOVE them too and have been looking for a pair (that is reasonably priced and pretty) forever- trouble is, I have absolutely nowhere to put them (unless I sell off the lamps currently on my bedside tables- maybe??) I so need more rooms in my house so I can have more gorgeous lamps like those- adore!!! Off to check out link:)

  2. * Hi! SO GLAD you POSTED THIS! While these are not in MY particular "STYLE", I am THRILLED to see CELERIE & I are TOTALLY in AGREEMENT~~~ bedroom lamps SHOULD… BE… B*I*G… and… TALL!!!!!

    Just a few days ago I ordered NEW ones, BECAAAAUUUSE mine did not have the "presence" I was looking for. AND, as attractive as they are, they're NOT good for book browsing if in bed!!!

    Soooo, glad you brough it up!!!

    Lnda in AZ *

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