My own, inexpensive storage solution.
Rack available here

When planning storage space in your kitchen, use every inch of the space, think vertically. Pots and pans take on a sculptural quality, when hung from a large rack.

Do you love to cook but are short on storage? Here are some great ideas to make the most of your space.

Utilize the space underneath an island
Open shelving, visually expands a room. These everyday dishes + glasses not only look beautiful, they are very accessible.
Image: Martha Stewart, Good Things For Organizing

I love bringing a free standing piece of furniture into the kitchen or dining area for storage
Image: Elle Decor, Photography: William Waldron
Quite contrary to an open shelf concept – Hide everything behind a sleek set of doors
This idea is very effective when used along an entire wall.

Again – the found piece
{knack studios}

Turn a utilitarian metal rack into open shelving
I purchased mine here

Images: Domino Mag.

Rolling Rack – Conran shop
Image: House and Garden

Open cabinetry provides easy access
Image: Kelly Wearstler

Turn an armoire into a one stop kitchen shop, tack notes and utensils on bulletin board (made of homasote and linen covered panels)

Image: Martha Stewart, Good Things For Organizing

Images: left, Domino Mag. right: Apartment Therapy

Consider the details, simple styling reads beautifully in a small space
Use, baskets, pottery, vases + unique objects to create vignettes
Images: Domino Mag.

Image: House Beautiful


  1. Thank you for the great storage ideas.
    I like the metal storage unit with all of the pots hanging from it. I’m also a big fan of open shelves, big enough to chance losing all my dishes in a California earthquake.

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