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Hello, hello. I hope you’re having a great week. The weather has been amazing in Boston, as the summer slowly creeps by I need to re-group and refocus on the “home search”. I’m moving this October. eek, it’s quickly approaching. It’s sort of a bitter sweet move for me. I have many fond memories in this home and so many great friends in this area but I’m ready to move on and start fresh someplace new! (and of course I’ll keep all of my friends) Sadly, my life sort of imploded when my daughter was only 9 months old so I never got to truly finish her room. It’s about half way there, so I’m really looking forward to finding the perfect little home for all of us. I’m not there quite yet (and luckily have a wonderful place to stay while I look) but I do know that I’m pinning away and am full of design ideas, and color inspiration so hopefully I’ll get to put those to use soon enough! Right now I’m drawn to green and yellow..or better yet, green, yellow and aqua. It’s kind of unexpected and (clearly) cheerful! And if you have any packing tips and tricks please to share them. I need to get going with the packing and purge!
Top image via: Martha Stewart Living

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  1. We just moved with our 1 year old to a new state… My best advice to you is start packing early and pack carefully and purposefully-only items that belong in the same room/place go in a box. It really made unpacking so much easier that I wasn't running from room to room. And of course, packing a "first open" box with bedding and bath items is a must! Good luck! Moving is a fresh start!!


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