kicking myself + more jade

I confess, I’m a bit of a trash picker (I’m mean this of course in the most positive way possible). I often snatch up great pieces of furniture on the side of the road on trash day, my 4 year old son gets a kick out of this. (most likely a future trash picker, poor guy)  Last night I passed this black table (it was almost identical but needed some love). I even did a drive by a second time but my daughter was with me, so there was no way it was going to fit in the back of my new SUV. ( a much needed purchase in my life). So today what do I stumble across on M Design Studio’s website? This table! And more jade of course too. I’m bummed, oh well. I have a back log of pieces to transform so I guess I don’t need another one! There’s just something so thrilling about finding an amazing piece of furniture or a mirror etc. etc. left curbside! Who’s with me here?? I know a number of my design friends are, promise your secret is safe with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Most of the wonderful things I own cost next to nothing!
    Yes I too love a great 'roadside' find!!!

    I really love this dining room which I have seen before. The 'Henri Rousseau jungle wall' is so stunning alongside the yellow 'bump' of colour

  2. I am with you…I lived in Beacon Hill in Boston for 8 years, and there were sometimes some lovely things left curbside! I often left some lovely things curbside that didn't fit with my decor anymore also and would be really pleased when someone took them. I now live in a beautiful neighborhood in Bonn, Germany, and last week discovered a box full of vintage Hermes orange boxes left curbside on paper recycling day when walking my dog in the morning…my husband thought I was absolutely crazy for being excited about "old cardboard boxes"…he doesn't understand the greatness of Hermes! They're now in my library on display and hopefully will someday be a great addition to a dressing room! Best wishes!

  3. oh that table is amazing! i love the hunt for some trash and I always kick myself when I don't grab it when I see it. can you share what suv you just bought. I am needing a new one and can not decide!

  4. I thank my mom for instilling in me a great love for trash picking. While my husband sometimes rolls his eyes when I just "have" to dart across the street to check out something on the curb that has caught my eye, he's also the first one to proudly point out to guests all of the incredible trashpicked finds that now grace our NYC apartment (to the tune of our bed frame, two dressers, the dining table, storage hutch, a bar cart, two huge ornate mirrors, a couple of benches and various other smaller items that have been refurbished to our taste – crazy when I type it all out). It is incredible what people will throw out! It's a blessing and a curse to be without a car, because it limits me to items that are near my apartment that I can lug myself ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Good gravy, yes! I have so many redos in the basement that I'll get to in the next twenty years – but I can't stop! My hubby just shakes his head. And don't get me started on craigslist. I don't even have space for it all in our house. Maybe I'll just rotate?

  6. Oh yes, your son will definitely become a "trasher" like you – but that's a good thing!
    I currently have a chair picked up from the cross street neighbors trash waiting in the garage for reupholstery – unfortunately, I don't have room for it (in the garage or the house).
    My son and I picked up an SUV load of antiques with me from another neighbors curb pile and he sold the contents for $150 to the antique dealers I drove him to – not bad for 45 min of "work" for an 8th grader.
    Sorry about the miss on that table – you'll never do that again – trust your gut! ๐Ÿ™‚


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