Jules Reid at home

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jules Reid’s story in Matchbook Magazine this month. As busy mother (i’m not sure if a man lives in this house, but it doesn’t really look like it) and business owner myself it was refreshing to read about how this very talented lady made amazing things happen for herself! Her home and gorgeous clothing line are equal parts chic + whimsical! I’ve been keeping an eye open for a little cottage for myself and little ones. It’s nice to see such a quaint, warm, welcoming, causal home in print! 
This emerald leather vest is amazing, as is her outdoor porch!
I’m loving the quadrille wallpaper and her necklace in this colorful shot.

Her entire outfit is adorable. I think I need to get my hands on her purple and orange dress, very David Hicks inspired indeed!
Same name and initials as moi?? I think I need these jewelry boxes in my life someday soon!


9 thoughts on “Jules Reid at home”

  1. *** Now S*H*E has it all going on… makes you sort of want to jump into those pics from one's screen here (especially since I live in AZ now)!!!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the COLORS by which she is surrounded (and wears!).. Darling kids, too… YEP she "has it goin' on"!!!

    Fun read… many thanks,
    Linda in AZ *

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