Jenna Lyon’s World

We all know and love Jenna Lyon’s fabulously creative style, home, office + job! Jenna has an uncanny way of making it all look so easy…In case you missed her on Oprah last Wednesday, see the video here. I’m especially loving her most recent “picks” above!

I never tire of her amazing home either..

Jenna’s Office

Items from her desk

Images: Domino, Huffington Post, J.Crew

17 thoughts on “Jenna Lyon’s World”

  1. Jenna has more style in her pinky than most people. I have not seen her home before and I love it. It looks as if it evolved over time, I love that look,Kathysue

  2. Easily one of my favorite posts of the weekend! I missed the first 10 minutes of Oprah when Jenna appeared (of course – to typical for me!). Thanks for the link so I could see more of her world!! Marija

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