January – Color Crush – canary yellow

Yellow has never been my go to color but I have always enjoyed it as a fun, bright vibrant and
often unexpected accent!! And if last night was any indication of Spring trends, I would
bet yellow is going to be a go to accent this Spring. Gucci even created a yellow loafer this winter. 

Yesterday was the twentieth anniversary of Jackie O’s death. As I’ve mentioned before she has 
long been a fashion icon I’ve admired. I love everything about this photo of her. Including the pink
and yellow together!!

Natalie Portman looked radiant and sophisticated in her yellow gown, 
which was clearly inspired by Jackie and most likely the anniversary of her passing. Have a 
fabulous week. I don’t tend to discuss politics on my blog but Meryl’s acceptance speech made my day
for sure!! xx

2 thoughts on “January – Color Crush – canary yellow”

  1. Many years ago, I had a disastrous experience with a room I had dreamed of in yellow. I was surprised I wanted it so, since like you, I've never been drawn to yellow. I ended up with grayish yellow walls, mismatched citrus yellow in the rug and accent pillows and it got worse from there. My designer had built up my hopes and simply couldn't understand what I didn't like about the room. My husband was furious and I'm afraid, not kind at all. At the point, we agreed we would NEVER consider yellow for anything again, not even a knick-knack. A few months ago, I saw what I would call a "honey colored" kitchen, more yellow than amber, and I loved it! We were planning to reno our kitchen after the new year. So, here we are and I cannot get those pale honey yellow walls off my mind.

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