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For this week’s insta-peek post I’ve shared a bit of what is happening around my nest along with a fun outing with Matty! Enjoy!

From top:

1. + 2. Emerson’s bedroom is coming along nicely!! Taking a new print I purchased for her to have framed today!
3. I CAN-not spend lots of money anymore on entry rugs. I have tried in the past but they all get destroyed by the winter weather. I have a no shoe policy for my kids in the house. I think Matty is catching on. I found this durable version at Marshalls!
4. The July – August version of Veranda is beautiful. I enjoyed a nice glass of rose while reading it last Friday night! PS. I am loving my honed Carrara counter tops. A bit high maintenance but lovely nonetheless. 
5. + 6. Matt’s family owns great season tickets for the Red Sox. So we headed to a game last week. (Thanks – Vinny + Eva)  I love Fenway park on a warm summer night. 

We stopped by Citizen Public house on the way home for some oysters and a drink! It was a hit! (no pun intended). The cocktails were delish and the decor was moody and comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Insta peek”

  1. Hi Julie! I'm thinking of doing honed marble countertops in my kitchen as well…just how high maintenance are they? I'm willing to put in a little work for the beauty. What do you do to take care of them? Thanks! Love your blog!

  2. Thank you!!!

    Hello Sarah,

    Thank you for your kind words about my blog…So glad you enjoy it.
    I love my counter tops, I was told to seal them once a year and I clean them nightly with a granite/marble cleaner. I am not an overly neat person but I am careful with red wine and citrus fruits…Good Luck with your kitchen. 🙂

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