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THIS JOB! I’ve been working with this client on their entire home for well over a year! She is a wonderful person. All the bits and pieces are finally coming together. I can’t wait to complete it for the family and to have it photographed! #Buckminster
Buckminster family room peek
This is another amazing job with another fabulous client. I helped this family out in Boston a few years back and now they are revamping a gorgeous home in the Burbs! We went with black windows, I’m so glad we took the risk. I’m am loving how this entire project is turning out. This is another one I hope to get photographed later this year. #Pickwick
Did I mention we planted a garden this year? I must say it is pretty rewarding to make a salad with the fruits of your labor..wink wink. I picked these this morning!!
Emmi girl helped me make chicken soup and brownies on Sunday! I love that she already loves to help cook! She truly is a great helper…A great sleeper she is NOT but a fantastic assistant, yes. 
We live for the beach around here. I’ll even head down when it’s super windy and a little overcast. The waves were too big for the boys to go in on this day but they had fun in the surf! I told them they could only go to their knees. #mamabear
I planted these pretty flowers in the pots outside of my home! They are so low maintenance but I am not sure of their name! They are some sort of tropical flower that thrives in the humidity. Do you know the name?? If so, please share. They look similar to a desert rose but I don’t think they are. I want to use them again! I am also loving my blue planters!


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  1. Julie, I am so envious of your talents! How rewarding your job must be! I can't wait to see the full reveal of the project you are wrapping up after a year! How exciting for you and for your clients.

    I also love the black windows. They remind me of my grandparent's home. My grandfather's office had those windows.. It looked like a conservatory…lots of beautiful plants, a great view and lovely art works……


  2. Lovely job! Please share the manufacturer and model of the black windows if they are new installs… perhaps you painted what was there. 🙂


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