Inspired – Stripes

So I’ve long loved the striped floors at the Kate Spade store, {LOVE}, they are so graphic and inspiring! Clearly so was the home owner above, what a great idea Kristin Kauffman had to create a similar stripe on her dining room floor. I love this colorful, glossy perfection! It’s kid friendly too. I can see my son using it as a race track now! Dare I try this if I move?? Looks like a lot a work but the end result is surely gossip worthy.

Image 1 – Fric and Frac blog via Better Homes and Gardens 2.11, Kate Spade, Kate Spade.

12 thoughts on “Inspired – Stripes”

  1. I have that striped floor filed away in a binder. Some day when my husband is coming from a place of "yes"(LOL), I will convince him to paint a floor. What is it with men not wanting to paint wood?

    LOVE how one of the stripes is the natural wood.


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