Inspired = Soft Pink + Tan

I love the soft sophistication of combining pink and tan. The tan beautifully grounds the pink! It’s a timeless look for interiors and fashionably works year round! The bottom living room photo is by designer Ruthie Sommers. I have long loved that animal print rug. I would LOVE it if one of my client’s agreed!!

 Images: Pinterest, Sandals: Sam Edelmen, Ruthie Sommers

13 thoughts on “Inspired = Soft Pink + Tan”

  1. Love all nude colors, they feel so "simple chic", and it makes the most exquisit combo with leather. I made this little girl room around this soft pink striped wallpaper and touches of black, and it turned out great. It reálly is "trés chic"!

  2. What a gorgeous combo. Normally I shy away from pink because I find it too feminine, but when it's paired with the tan it gives it so much sophistication! Great inspiration for the home and fashion – thanks!


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