Inspired: relaxed and evolved

I’ve long loved this photo of Carolyn Murphy in her home. (She has since sold this house) This space feels a bit bohemian, a bit chic, and a bit beach side. I aim to design spaces that feel like they’ve evolved over time, with a mix of old and new, glamorous and hand crafted. Timeless, but fresh is the goal! And Carolyn? She’s just gorgeous, I admire her effortless style and perfect body of course!!
This photograph looks like it could have been taken in the South of France

images: House and Garden and Vogue

Mixing pillows like these from Amber’s shoppe, will help you achieve this look at home! I recently suggested one to a client for a nursery project.


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  1. Loved this post and about 10 below! I always stop by here for my daily dose of inspiration!! You have amazing taste and I cannot believe how many things you post that I have already saved somewhere! I had to pin a bunch of these on my California Style board. I totally remember this issue!
    Keep up the good work. I think you are better than Habitually Chic!


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