Inspired = Oushak Rugs

I’ve been searching for the perfect rug for a client. I’m looking for an Oushak. It could be old or new. What I love about these rugs is their rich but muted tones, even new versions feel old.  Often found in my favorite shades of coral, orange, pink, blues and brown, each handmade version is unique. The soft wool and natural dyes used give each a warm, worn quality. Most Oushaks are and were made South of Istanbul, Turkey. I was in Hudson Home in Wellesley (outside of Boston) yesterday, they offered a few gorgeous versions but they weren’t quite the right color. The rest depicted here are from Landry and Arcari, {also a local showroom}. The top rug is from 1st dibs.

Bottom two images: Hudson Boston

7 thoughts on “Inspired = Oushak Rugs”

  1. I don't think I've ever heard of Oushak Rugs before. They are so beautiful. I really like the top one, the coral one in the dining area and the rug in the picture of the office. Good luck finding that perfect rug for your client!


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