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Hello loves, So I’ve sort of put my house hunt on hold for a few reasons; one being that everything in my price range in the towns I want to live in are absolute DUMPS. Holy shiz it’s depressing. I’m trying to stay positive, but this single mama can only afford so much if I want to keep my sanity. I need to maintain a bit of a social life! Yes, in a perfect world I’d just stay in with my hubbie and sip cocktails as we painted walls after the kiddos have drifted off, but that’s not the case and TRUST me right now I’m okay with that. I’d rather lose a creep of husband early on than spend twenty miserable years with him. I mean don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a fool, I didn’t marry a creep (he had us all fooled), some guys just can’t keep it together after you have a family. They stray and become detached in every way possible and that’s precisely what happened to me. So in all honestly if Santa could bring me anything in the world it would be a charming little house at a reasonable price. I’m OKAY with a little elbow grease I just can’t buy a money pit nor can I live in a money pit with two kids under the age of six. Anywayyyyy onto my post! 🙂 I’ve shared this top photo before. (My apologies because I don’t remember the source, but I’ll find it and link back, promise). A little cape like this would be perfect, I’d even be open to a little house that I could eventually add on to. I love the glassed room off of this home and adore the classic simplicity of the black + white facade and the beautiful bucolic approach. This would be my little dream pad. See??  I’m not asking for much am I? A little pretty like this would cost quite a bit in the Boston area. I’ve been collecting images via the web and started a pinterest board, new home, it’s full of a bunch of dis-jointed goodies, but I guess they all make sense to me. I’ve assembled a mini-inspiration board below showing the overall feel of the space. It’d be fairly simple with graphic details, patterns and pops of brownish-grey, pink, tan, cream and white. And of course splashes of other accent colors like emerald green, brass and yellow. The agate stone was really the impetus and inspiration around the color palette. I love it! I like fresh clean kitchens and bathrooms, and am undecided on white or black cabinets but I guess I have some time to think about that!
This marble wrapped counter, brass hardware and glass door cabinet are beyond amazing! I will absolutely have ALL of these in my kitch! image via 
A little sunny, happy banquette would also be perfect and makes such efficient use of space in a small home. I’d switch out the fabrics and colors and would plump up that seat cushion a bit but you get the idea!
I’d love to have comfy seating area and a lounge worthy sofa like this!
My daughter’s room will be a mix of pink, yellow and charcoal and no matchy, matchy concepts here.
I can envision my son’s room but I have yet to find a photo that comes close to my vision. A little reading nook like this would be dreamy though! I read multiple stories a night to my children, they love it. I think it’s one of the most important things you can do for your child besides smother them with hugs and kisses!
I can’t deal with a big yard but I would love a small garden path and patio area for outdoor cocktails and alfresco dining. 
Anyway, that’s all for now, it’s way past my bed time…. I just wanted to keep dreaming…and share my thoughts and ideas. I’ll make this all come true and promise to share it with you all on my little ole’ blog! 


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  1. Thank you everyone!! I'll find a home..but for kicks I should post the houses that could look like this (or maybe look like this and their asking price.) you'd be horrified and I'm good at looking beyond the ugliness. I'll think about it I just wouldn't want to frighten you all…;)

  2. Oh it sounds like the little cottage in Newport RI that I escaped to after my philandering husband left! Would you consider relocating to Newport – as hard as it is to part with, I'm considering selling it…

  3. Julie,
    I'm always looking for a "project" here in New Canaan CT. Anyway, I'd love to see the things you think would be horrid for the $:) Love all your inspiration!

    p.s. my friend just did an amazing IKEA kitchen…I should send you some pics!

  4. You can't have that house because it's the house *I* want! Sigh. We are in the same boat as you are – looking to buy a house but everything we like is 100K over our budget. Anything in our budget is an ugly dump. Heck I'd buy a dump if it had potential.

    Here's hoping BOTH of us find what we are looking for in 2013.

  5. An interior designer have the magic to change our simple hut like home into a very high luxury home.

    In fact your all ideas are excellent and great. Please keep sharing more good ideas, I will keep visiting for new ideas.

    Can you give me some ideas, pics or whatever to make our balcony very attractive. Please do send to my email

  6. Julie,

    I wish I could wave a magic wand and give you all the lovely parts of home you've shared. One thing I can give (and it's free) is advice. Move on with your life but always remember that a child needs for its parents to be friends. I hope will accept it from one who took too long to figure that out.


  7. This post just kind of hit me…I felt like the personal part was describing me (the no, he's not a complete creep but just couldn't hold it together when we had kids part). I am blessed that we found out my husband is severely depressed and is willing to work through it, but it is still so hard. Especially at Christmas, when you are physically separated as a family. Christmas is hard when that kind of thing is going on. I hope you find the perfect house for you and your kids, and you have a lovely, blessed Christmas.

  8. Thank you so much for your comments, they mean so much to me.
    And Angela, best of luck working through your husband's depression. I hope you can all find the help you need during this difficult time in your life. Take Care.


  9. Wishing you all the best in 2013. I'm sure you will find the perfect home for you and your two boys.

    P.S. The little cottage in the top photo belongs to me :). So honored you like it.

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