Inspired – Brad Ford Design

{images: Hampton Showhouse}
I often don’t have the time to slow down..I’m usually running from one place to the next..busy, busy, busy with my babe’s, my business, my name it..but now and again I try to take the time to absorb information, new ideas, architecture, nature, fashion, art etc..for inspiration. Today I’m sharing the work of New York based designer Brad Ford. His designs are classic but modern, they possess a sculputural quality without being too precious..his mix of texture, use of light and color and array of “found objects” with a hint of masuclinity are both engaging and my book, he has mastered the art of “good design”! okay, I’m off and running {again} to a contractor meeting….have a good day!

10 thoughts on “Inspired – Brad Ford Design”

  1. I love that he incorporates a bit of nature in each space….in a rustic natural "piece" or greenery in a vase..or…texture on the wall.. just love Mr. Ford's work!

  2. Wow, where to start !
    I love the rooms. I love that slightly worn chair. I love the painting .. I am not in love with the "Square" theme in the first photos, it seems to be too deliberate and a touch overdone but the rooms are still lovely.
    Lots of inspiration here !

  3. the first pics are from the hamptons designer show house from last summer where brad was given the screened porch to design. i love that he incorporated traditional porch elements (porch swings, wind chimes) albeit with a distinctly modern twist! i'm a huge fan of his work–modern, earthy, and comfortable–love, love, love!!!!

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