In a nut shell!

I love the idea of maxing out a small space beautifully, for one it makes the space feel grander but it also reinforces the idea that your home needn’t be enormous to look fabulous and function well! Designer and stylist Lizzie Carney’s 1,000 sq. foot bungalow does just this! Lizzie painted the entire home a custom charcoal color to unify her home! She also infused the space with found objects and gorgeous European antiques. Unique items add interest and depth to any home!

Lizzie turned her basement into a wine cellar!

Lizzie outfitted a small bedroom as a dressing room! A vintage rolling rack houses her hanging clothing. I spotted a vintage shoe rack at the Todd Farm flea market yesterday. If it’s there next week, I may have to grab it!
{Lizzie painted the rug herself – I love the mix of pink and red}
Lizzie works for design/import firm Euro Trash, check out their site for more European and vintage finds..
Image Credits: Scanned by Shelter from Country Living Magazine, October 2010. Photographer: Bjorn Wallander

21 thoughts on “In a nut shell!”

  1. I have to study these photographs some more ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love that duvet and miss Anthropologie every day !
    I have a small oddly shaped kitchen that I am about to start to work on .. it is almost perfect but needs a touch here and there.. I love the floating shelves in the kitchen..above.

  2. SO true… the *in a nutshell*-part!
    Thank you for sharing, very nice job Lizzie has done, I particulary love the wince cellar, what a clever idea! imagine a wonderful candle light dinner down there….

    Northern Light

  3. Amazing pictures, I especially like the colour scheme!

    Living in Europe (Sweden) myself, I do recognize many European objects (and some IKEA too). Love the mix! She truly did a beautiful job!

  4. Julie thank you for posting Lizzie's amazing home. I think a good testament to great design is perfecting a small space. That is a true design challenge. This is (hopefully) where I'm headed next. Small is better is going to be our new motto. Lizzie's kitchen I could just move my bed into & live there!

    Have an equally gorgeous Tuesday x

  5. I love this house and love love love the dressing room. I saw when you were on Nate Berkus and have wanted to do a room like that ever since. I remember you said you did something with galvanized pipe which I see in the pic but what about the bottom. Is there a piece of wood acrooss? Any help building something like that to hang clothes on would be wonderful. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚


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