In the garden part I – Container Inspiration

{foliage works well in shady areas}We’ve actually had a “Spring” in Boston this year, typically we don’t. The temps usually leap from 50 to 80 within a matter of days, {without much in between}, so this year I’ve had a chance to get a jump on my gardening. I thought I’d add a “garden” to my weekly posts for the next three weeks. {look for 1.2.3}. My goal is to finish up my containers soon, they are such an easy way to add drama and color to your garden, porch, entrance or balcony. Here’s some inspiration. Most garden centers should be well equipped to help you with the names of the pictured plants..{I’ve included a few} {Roof top} Better Homes and Gardens included the plant types for us!

{I usually plant herbs on my back porch, they also work well indoors if you don’t have any green space outdoors}

{A modern approach}{Container Breakdown}

Images: Martha Stewart 1-4, Real Simple, Better Homes and Gardens, Martha Stewart, ?, Country Living, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Country Living, Martha Stewart, ?, ?

11 thoughts on “In the garden part I – Container Inspiration”

  1. hi julie, I love container gardens. I have a few on my porch and a few in my backyard. It gets so warm here that in the summer we have to water morning and night, it keeps me busy but it is worth the beauty it brings to the space. I am looking forward to more of these great post,Kathysue

  2. The first picture with the huge pots I love! Of course, it's Martha! I also love the Better Homes and Garden, little trees almost in pots! And of course who doesn't want a roof top garden? Love all these pictures!

    I am having my 1st giveway on my blog. I would love for you to stop over!


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