I’m certainly ready to roll out some fresh new designs this year but my design magazines haven’t been inspiring me much lately.  One trend that I am still holding on to is stripes! I especially love them when they are layered! I must own five striped shirts, I mix them with everything! {I also HAVE to use that pinstriped closet door idea above –  maybe if I move, I’m thinking girlie boudoir??}
scanned image top right: Material Girls Blog, bottom right: Domino, Jessica: InStyle

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  1. stripes are pretty fabulous- and ALWAYS inspiring! I have striped so many hallways and rooms in my abode that I have to stop… maybe I should move my stripe obsession to my clothing like you!?

    thanks for the fun post! Love the pinstriped door!


  2. I never turned a good stripe down. Still and always will be a big favorite in design. I'm with you though, I'm looking for my next big thrill. Wishing truly a good 2011. I think there are many of us that want to shake the dust off ourselves and reach for the stars with this New Year.

    All my best,

  3. I especially love the stripes on the doors. The molding brightens it and keeps it from being overpowering.

    The purse is darling – sophisticated yet so fun. There's true talent in making a serious piece for an elegant outfit that seems to push the rules but is still so totally perfect and appropriate – like it's daring you to find something to say but knowing you can't. Love it!

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