If it’s a boy…

So the “big” week is here..I’m having my baby at the end of this week. I’m of course, a bundle of energy and nerves. I wanted to share my baby boy ideas..I simply can’t wait to find out what we are having gender wise..oh and please do feel free to share your favorite boy names in the comment section. I have three girl names I adore but we’re having a tough time finalizing our boy names..My creative starting point for the room was this painting shown above along with vintage nautical references. I don’t love thematic rooms so I tried not too push it too far in that direction. I will mix in a number of various elements but the overall concept was boating and the sea!

This third board represents a mix of paintings and drawings I found on eBay. I am going to hang a salon art wall with a number of boating inspired paintings..I like the quirkiness of this mix!From top to bottom left to right:1. Large Painting – ebay2. Monkey Knot – Door or book stop http://www.chadingtons.com/3. Flame Stitch Pillow – Dransfield and Ross4. Polar Bear Print – Linnea Designs5. Crib Bedding – Rickshaw Design6. Bamboo Pillow – Annette TatumBoard Two:7. Green Headboard – will be custom designed by Shelter8. Shade idea – Custom by Shelter9. Lamps – 1st Dibs10. White Lantern – tbd. I do want to use an oversized white hanging lantern11. Ship Print – ebay12. Rug – Dash and Albert

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  1. Oh! I'm so excited for you.
    I'm not a mother but I've already planned the first 3 children names and working on the 4th. (It's a little obsession of mine. LOL) I'm really big on family and my culture (Hawaiian). So I chose names that have been apart of my family and some that have just tickled my soon to be mother instincts.

    1. Terrian Joseph Elijah (Terrian from a book my fiance read "The Game of Thrones", Joseph is my dad & older brother, and Elijah is my little brother)

    2. Anelaj Lashay Kaualani (Anelaj is just my name spelled backwards, Lashay is my sisters middle name, and Kaualani is my mothers middle name)

    3.Aramis Joseph Wilfred (Aramis from the 3 musketeers, inspired by the "Slumdog Millionaire" movie, Wilfred my fiances middle name)

    The only thing now to do is actually have the kids.. and hopefully in that order.. lol
    But congrats to you, cant wait to read about the new addition.

  2. I love your ideas for the nursery if it's a boy! 🙂

    These are my favourite boys names: Leon, Theodor, Kai, Ezra, Reed & Landon.

  3. Your picks are so cute, for sure add a globe or a nautical chart/map, And his room will be adorable.

    My son's name is Mack and he is a stud. My other choices were Leo and Teddy.

  4. Oh, I almost hope you have a boy because that is so fabulous. Wish I'd seen it 14 years ago {!} when I had Jackson. I love the names Owen and Holden for a boy. And of course Jackson. And I LOVE everything you've chosen- I don't like theme rooms, but this isn't themey. The paintings are fab, esp. the first one; I love the oversized lantern and the pillow. And everything, really. Oh, and the bedding is perfect!! I hope you have whatever you want, and I know you'll want whatever you have!! Best wishes. I loved having my babies.

  5. When I first saw the girl plan I was secretly hoping it was a girl because that room is going to be amazing. But NOW that you post the boy option, wow- this is so great too!!

    Either way I hope you have a happy and healthy baby boy or girl haha. And that kid is going to be a lucky one with such a fun room!

  6. I don't usually comment but after reading your post (linked from LaDolceVita)I have to say that I think it's great you waited to find out the sex of your child! I didn't find out with any of mine and I think it really helped me through those last few weeks. So much excitement! I had three girls first and people always asked if I was going to "keep trying for that boy". I thought that was such a funny thing to say! Of course it sounds cliche, but really, who wouldn't be happy with a healthy baby regardless of the sex? I would have loved having 4 girls but I am so happy to have had the experience of parenting both sexes. I'm sure your baby, boy or girl, will be cherished, loved and adored. Wish you the best of luck! I'm jealous!

    For what it's worth, I like names with a story or a special meaning. My oldest daughter's name is Austin because I grew in Austin, TX and it is my Mother-in-law's maiden name. (I like maiden names as first names, if your would work)

    We had the same name picked out for a boy all four pregnancies and we finally got our "Bo", nicknamed for William Robert Jr., 4 yrs. ago. I hope you find the perfect name for your perfect baby!

  7. So…here are my thoughts on names. Our boys are Grady and John-Harper (so obviously I'm partial to them). Were we to loose our minds and have more, some potential names I like are Knox, McInnis (my hubs middle name) Charlie, Lawton, Ike and Teddy.

    Good luck!

  8. 44 years ago I wanted 4 boys! What I got instead was one son and I just named him Zachary Andrew Patrick Carson —–!! By the time he was in kindergarten he knew most of the letters in the alphabet! Congrats and good luck!

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