The icing on the cake!

I love, love, love hardware of all kinds; most interior designers
can equate their love of hardware to their lust for jewelry.
A fabulous set of hardware can transform the entire look
of a piece. (new or old) I also love to design custom furniture for clients,
so I get a great deal of satisfaction when I discover the perfect
piece for my creation. A unique source for hardware is Muffs in
Orange, CA. This one stop hardware shop has an extensive website
and of course will ship to any location around the U.S.;
International shipping is also available. Here is a small sample
of their inventory….

If you are a Domino addict, like myself,
you may rememeber the pull pictured below,
it was featured in the October 2007 issue on a
fabulous credenza. Sadly, it sold out
shortly after the magazine hit the newstand.

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