I spy….

I’m often asked by peers, clients and friends what is hot or what do I think will be trending in the world of interior design. I take many of my design cues directly from the runway. As most of you know pastels are predicted to be huge this Spring and Summer. 
I also predict you’ll be seeing them more as accents or the star in home design. Lupita’s dress and speech stole the show last night. (lately she always steals the show!!)
I love how pastel shades transform interiors. Try these soft shades in rooms that are typically dark. They’ll lighten and brighten your interior. Be sure to test out a 2’x2′ swatch on the wall first and always choose a color with a hint of grey in it. This will keep it from becoming too sticky sweet. Clark+Kensington’s Sparkling Water: 34C-1 is a very close match to the color above. 
Dress: Prada

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  1. I love the new pastels. We have just removed wallpaper and painted the walls of the dining room and hall soft greens. The bedrooms are a soft blue. The woodwork is white and sparkles. I love the change.


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