I’ve mentioned in the past my parent’s have a casual weekend home in V.T.. It’s such a treat to escape to the calm and beauty of Vermont. It’s pastoral setting is the perfect respite from the chaos {and traffic} of my daily life in Massachusetts.

I’ve always wanted to visit Vermont Salvage in White River Junction. The weekend before last I had the chance to do so.
Vermont Salvage would be the perfect “go to” for someone restoring an old home. They have a vast selection of interior/exterior doors, french doors, claw foot tubs, hardware, and architectural columns. It costs a fortune to duplicate the craftsmanship found in homes of the past, Vermont Salvage is a good starting point if you are looking for older items. They also sell a small selection of imported and old furniture + found objects.

What they didn’t have: I thought they would have a better selection of vintage lighting. They had some, but I would love to see more. I’m sure their inventory is always changing. They did have a number of vintage school lights.

Here’s a peek inside.
Imported Items
They have a wide assortment of benches, similar to the one photographed. These could be fun in a mudroom or foyer. Some looked old, some did not. Think of what you could do with a little paint and a fun cushion. They were only $125.00 each.

They had a number of armoire’s and cabinets. Again, some of them didn’t look old, some did. I thought they were a bit over priced.

another bench

Crystal door knobs


Sometimes they acquire entire sets of stairs

The view from my parent’s place. My son loves to run around outdoors.


7 thoughts on “I LOVE VERMONT”

  1. Hi Julie!
    First of all, your parent's view is Stunning! Wow!
    We've been to Vermont Salvage several times, and while they have an occasional find (our kitchen to barn transom came from them!)our favorites are Old House Parts (Kennebunk, ME) and Portland Salvage (Portland, ME) Have you ever been to those? I think they have a much better selection. I hope while you were in White River Junction you found "Lampscapes"- just a block or two away at 77 Gates Street (just dug the business card out of my purse!) He does gorgeous hand painted lampshades- and great prices! We also have a favorite antique shop in Chester, VT- great source for antique ironstone! If interested, let me know and I'll be happy to dig up the name and pass it on!
    Stay dry these next couple of days!

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