I love a classic kitchen

I’m loving the mix of old and updated details in this clean, classic kitchen. It’s timeless but not tired. I think the red lantern and brass/stainless hood make the space!  I’ve put together a close idea board below!
1. Knobs: Van Dykes  2. Draftsman stool:  Restoration Hardware 3. Beveled Edge subway tile 4. Carrara tile for the island, Soapstone for the other counter tops  5. Lantern: Julie Neill
Custom Brass and Stainless hood:  ttp://www.customrangehoods.ca/

7 thoughts on “I love a classic kitchen”

  1. I notice the 3 "wild" cabinet colors! (counting the island)
    My kitchen has 3 that are tonal (from the same "strip") and we love that they are not all the same!


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