House Love (I would say cottage but this pretty home is quite a bit bigger) #25

I am working on a number of exciting projects! So I am on the hunt for not only inspiration but new products and vendors. I met with a new client today (We always create names for and devise a binder for each project. I often refrain from using a client’s last name, this job is called: Brookdale) who would like to incorporate a soft color palette into her beautiful, light filled home. This home designed by Massucco Warner Miller. When creating a more neutral soft palette it is key to layer texture, subtle color, and patterns. Julie and Melissa have done that here beautifully.

My design will be incorporating lots of smokey hues, pattern and detail. Think David Hicks meets Vincente Wolf. I strive to create interiors that speak to my client! I am excited to get started on this one.

How great is this ottoman design??
I am loving the style of this Chaise lounge! It is so feminine and inviting.

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