Holy Cow (as if you need another striped post)

I ran out yesterday to purchase a light and/or bright piece (I was thinking coral or pink) for my trip. I was short on time and money. The stores didn’t have coral or pink (or resort wear in general) but everyone surely has stripes and not just one option but about five. H + M’s stripes were cute and most of their tops fit perfectly. The Gap looked like J. Crew two years ago. I didn’t have time to fly into J. Crew. (one of my favorites). Anyway I grabbed a striped top at H + M, I convinced myself it didn’t look like the five or so others I already own! (my fav. color combo. is still navy and white)  HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT STRIPES? YAY OR NAY FOR SPRING? I’M ALMOST OVER THEM BUT NOT QUITE!! OH AND AS YOU PROBABLY KNOW COLORED JEANS ARE EVERYWHERE TOO! 
I especially like to layer stripes! This is a def. a look you’d catch me wearing. A faux fur vest + stripes = Yes!

20 thoughts on “Holy Cow (as if you need another striped post)”

  1. I am not over stripes! I love love love them, and to keep the navy and white thing fresh, I'm adding colored jeans or patterned skirts this spring!


  2. Yes to stripes! They're timeless. Classic. I love navy & white with a pop of bright color – coral or yellow (my favorites). 🙂

    -Danya @ PinkPeonyStyle.com

  3. I LOVE stripes. Like peacoats, leopard and penny loafers, they're a classic that will never go out of style–even when a new trend wave subsides. I know we all have 100's of navy and white striped t-shirts, but I'd do anything for the one Gwyneth is wearing. And that skirt!


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