Holiday hangover refresh

I hope you had a wonderful holiday! I don’t know about you but I was seriously spent yesterday. I did what was long over due and pretty much unplugged, ate junk food and watched movies with my boyfriend. It was a much needed lazy day. Today is a different story. I have organization and clean up on my mind. I enjoy dreaming about fresh starts and new beginnings with a new year. I’m starting with my closet and jewelry and hope to move onto all my children’s books. In my home, if it’s too hidden it does not get used and although I don’t love clutter I do need to store things both outside of and behind closed is what I’m thinking. (I don’t have space for a clothing rack but I love this idea for a dressing room, I just did the same for a client guest room in Texas)

I am creating a reading corner for my daughter and plan to order these or something similar. 

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