Holiday Cheer!

Holla! I’d love to steal a few minutes to revel in some holiday cheer this weekend! I hope to do a little baking with my kiddies. Here are a few recipes that recently caught my eye on Pinterest. I’ll most likely go with the cookies…
Sorry, I’ve neglected to update you on my new home. It is coming along, I’ve been a bit too busy to focus on it! I’m thrilled with my kitchen choices so far though.
If I had won Mega Millions this week for the estimated 600 million, (I purchased five tickets and only hit 1 number) I’d definitely need to splurge on a gourmet kitchen. (see images below) but amazing things also come in little packages. (especially when you pay for them yourself – and with the handy help of your Dad)! 
any chocolate cupcake recipe will do, along with some crafty decorating skills and tools!!
 Gourmet Kitch
And a little kitchen

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