Hello, hello…2015

Isn’t it funny how we like to use a new year as a way to start fresh!? Out with the old and in with the new!! I’ll admit, I can be a little corny (wink, wink) ….I start each year with a few resolutions! Again, I am sticking with the simple theme. Here I go…hello 2015.

1. Don’t complain. (well maybe to my sister :))
2. Finish my house. I had to put the brakes on a bit at at the end of 2014 but I am kicking off the New Year and finishing it up. With that said, I will have it buttoned up and photographed this year!! I also need to purge old stuff and finish unpacking. Who knew I owned so many kitchen gadgets??
3. Get in tip top shape!
4. Fear less…We all tend to analyze but honestly worry doesn’t help. Love more!
5. Take tennis lessons. I have always wanted to learn to play. I can grow old with this sport.
6. I have tons of family photos.  I need to have them printed, framed and hung up! Designers love finishing projects for clients but sometimes their own “stuff” gets neglected. (I’m guilty)
7. Streamline all the paperwork in my life. Yikes!

Well that’s it for now!! Looking forward to inspiring you all in 2015. xx

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