Happy Weekend, Happy Holidays

Remember Cottage Living? Of course you do! I loved receiving that magazine for it’s stylish yet affordable interiors. An all time favorite were the holiday photos of Lee Kleinhelter’s snazzy digs in Georgia. (Image one) Those window treatments and that tree are beyond good! I dug into the archives and shared a few of their other holiday shots with you. I’m heading to Vermont for our tree this weekend. I hope to share some holiday snippets via Instagram. I really need to get that account up and running!! (I sadly recently joined and sharing more work with you all is on my “hit”list)

3 thoughts on “Happy Weekend, Happy Holidays”

  1. I have just started following your blog and am constantly amazed by how EXACTLY the same your taste and mine are! I have this exact copy of Cottage Living, dog-eared and tattered, in my shelter magazine collection. Every post you post is something I have oohed and aaahed over. I love your blog!!
    P.S. I found your blog when I was searching the internet to find info on refinishing the faux bamboo & greek key china cabinet I bought at a scary thrift store- found your post on wanting one… I wish I could send pics to you!!


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