Inspired – Marathoners + Aerin Lauder

First off I want to wish a huge good luck to all those running the marathon today. It takes  great skill, ambition and determination to accomplish such a feat!! You are an inspiration.

Secondly, it’s finally warming up in Boston!! I’m working a half day today because I’m going to spend the other half with my children. It is school vacation week in Massachusetts.
I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my yard and sunporch. I’ve got my computer set up out here today. Enjoying a room with windows on three sides is uplifting, I think I get more accomplished when my work space is filled with natural light and fresh air. I’d love to eventually do this room over.

I’ve always been inspired by Aerin’s style. Although, everything she does is on a much grander scale than I can afford, I still turn to her beautiful properties for inspiration.

Today I wanted to share her pool house and gorgeous backyard. Matty and I dream of having a pool one day! I love the idea of french doors opening out to a beautifully maintained property. (idea #1 for my sun porch redo someday) I have shared indoor and outdoor perspectives…..

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