Happy 4th! What’s not to love?

I love July 4th! {and the 3rd for that matter}. I was lucky enough to grow up on the ocean,  so the July 4th celebration always began with bonfires, cookouts and fireworks on the beach, July 3rd! The 4th has been my favorite holiday since I was in high school! Enjoy! I’ve decided to hang out in my home town this year!

7 thoughts on “Happy 4th! What’s not to love?”

  1. Happy Fourth to you too! We are blessed to be living in such a awesome nation! I have recently discovered your blog and I love it! I am a coastal person too.

  2. I rarely leave my rss feed, but wanted to see this board on your actual page. Such a pretty board!! Your 4th of July is so quintessentially American there on the East Coast. (Mine will be a little hotter!–See mine on yesterday's post). Have a great 4th!


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