Happy 2017!

Happiness, is a very personal term and means something entirely different to each of us. With a New Year, I always like to reflect on the past year and what I learned. A goal is to grow, mature (in only the best way), and hopefully look forward. It is amazing how much can change in a year, while other things feel very comfortable and the same. A few people very close to me (including a dear family member) lost a relative far too young this past year. My heart breaks for them, it really put things in perspective. 
Webster’s Dictionary had a number of definitions of happiness but the one below resonated with me. I have always used blogging as a source of both inspiration and as an escape. It is one of the only moments during the day that I am thinking only of what is in front of me. My mind is usually racing with a number of thoughts and ideas, but thankfully this does not happen when I am blogging.(I am not neurotic I swear, just busy and a thinker) It is in a sense like meditation (more on this below). Besides to continue to grow ALL aspects of my interior design business and be the best Mom I possibly can, a third goal is to find a bit more peace. For me, Peace = Happiness. I know this is only something I can do. Wishing my family, friends and all my readers a year full of happiness (whatever that means for you). You may want to check out last year’s post about what I learned in 2015, so much of it still applies for me!
Webster’s Dictionary: Happiness defined a :  enjoying or characterized by well-being and contentment.

1. To be thankful for all I have. It is easy to get caught up in the “I need this”, “I want that syndrome”.  Hell, I blog about the subject and Iove to make changes to my home and wardrobe but I also need to focus a bit more on what I have and how fortunate I am. I am teaching my kids to do the same. Will I still buy shoes? Hells yes, but I will donate a pair that I no longer wear. Will I still aim to put an addition on my little house? Yes, but I am also going to appreciate it as is EVERY, SINGLE, DAY.2. Do not compare yourself or your journey to others. This is counterproductive. Plus, we never truly know another person’s struggles. Things may seem perfect from the outside, but chances are they’re not.3. Analyze less, I am getting better at this. 4. Go easy on yourselves. Make you a priority, self love is a wonderful thing. Sometimes I find myself trying to make everyone happy and it can get stressful.Those that are supposed to be in your life will understand how busy you are and love you the same.5. Adjust how I speak to my children at times.(a.k.a. lose my patience less) My kids are my world, being divorced can get a bit sticky and stressful. I am trying to create the most well adjusted life for them that I can!6. De-clutter! Ugh, clutter brings me down and stresses me out. I need to toss half of my basement/playroom and donate a slew of toys that my children have outgrown. (when they are not looking).7. Stop procrastinating and focus more on the not so glamorous aspects of interior design, like filing paper work.8. Stop talking about shiz and just do it. I hope to cross a ton off my wish list this year!!9. Live for today. I think about the future too much. Am I doing the right thing? etc. etc. All we can really do is take life day by day. Imagining the future and stressing about it is a waste of time. I am not saying don’t plan for tomorrow, but be sure to appreciate the here and now. 10. Fresh flowers and a new shade of paint work wonders!!12. Carbs really do weigh me down. I feel better when I eat protein, fruits and veggies. I do however chow down on anything I please during the weekends.13. Look at the bright side of the situation. When one door closes another usually opens. I have been getting better at not dwelling.14. Most things happen for a reason. We grow and learn from challenges. Trust me.15. I do yoga once in a while and I have been trying a little meditation. They seem to calm me. I need to do more of both!!16. Think before you speak or react. Practicing the pause can save a lot of drama and pain.16. Let go of anger, this can be difficult, but it is freeing. I have a favorite quote: “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”
PEACE OUT 2016! Looking forward to a fabulous 2017!! xoxoxoxo

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  1. Happy New Year! Literally everything you wrote resonates with me. I think living for the moment, finding peace and simply enjoying life more are my goals. There are so many things to be thankful for and I will hold on to this in 2017. Cheers to a great start ahead. xox


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