1. I couldn’t agree with this sentiment more. “Time to drink champagne and dance on the table”! (let’s hope so anyway). Here’s a little snapshot of my week in photos.
My fabulously talented friend, Sarah from Lilhoot, is giving her daughter’s teacher this little treat for the last day of school. That’s my kind of gift Ms. Crawford! Nicely done!

2. Here’s a sneak peek of a friendly budget friendly job I just finished up! I took this quick pic yesterday. I ADORE Rose Cummings – Zebrine wallpaper. I think I have to use it at my own home someday!

3. I picked up Martha’s food issue yesterday. It is chock full of yummy recipes.

4. It’s been raining all week in Boston. My three year old daughter insists on picking out her own clothing….Here is her rainy day outfit selection this week!

Happy Friday, Cheers to a fabulous weekend!!

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