On Tuesday I flew to NY for a quick day trip. (hence no blog posts) I had the privilege of sitting down and chatting about Valspar paint colors for An Ace Hardware ad segment with Cat Greenleaf. Her interview show, Talk Stoop, airs on NBC. Jason Biggs was heading over right when I left, I was sorry to have missed him. NBC network –  Talk Stoop

The image of me below is a candid. The ad will be airing on Usa Network next month. I’ll be sure to share it!

 Last week I flew to Chicago for a different segment filming and a few voice overs. That day, I had someone do my make-up, which is always a nice bonus! The make-up artist was great, he also works for the Steve Harvey show. While he was primping my hair I asked him what his favorite make-up trick was. His answer: “be sure to define your brows”. He said defined brows frame your entire face and bring out your eyes. Often women get their brows waxed but end at that. I took his advice and have been darkening and filling in my brows a bit more. Interestingly enough, I was reading Maskcara blog the other night and the artist said the same thing. Just look what she did with Carly’s brows from The Bachelor via photo-shop. (a vast improvement for sure!)

I had to do my own make-up on Tuesday…below I’ve shared my daily essentials and make-up must haves with you. xx

A CANDID of Cat and I! NBC network talk stoop.

I haven’t included every product I use here but these are some of my favorites!!
1. Sadly, you need to work a little bit harder at everything after 35!  Eyelashes start to thin a bit…there are a few things in life I will never let go, my eye lashes are one of them! My lashes are on the longer side but are light so I always wear mascara. My friend actually uses the lash enhancer latisse. I’m not going to lie, her lashes look amazing!! Before I go that route, I am trying a store bought enhancer. I have heard Grande lash works great. I am ordering it today!!
2.  Nars bronzer is fab. It applies evenly and gives you the perfect amount of color. 
3. Adding a serum to your skincare routine does make a difference! I apply it under my face cream.
4. Dr. Hauschka is fairly new blush for me, but I’m loving it. It looks very natural. Another great tip I have recently learned is to stay away from any shimmery face products as you get older. This is a smooth, creamy blush. I had to add extra for the camera but for everyday use it looks very natural. 
5. Living Proof is an amazing hair care line. ( I mean just look at Jen!)
I love all of their products. It is so important to keep long hair well moisturized. 
6. I have not tried this face cream yet but the make up artist (Robert) I used in Chicago swears by it!
I’m going to give it a whirl. I am a crazy person about moisturizing my skin!! FRESH – Umbrian Clay The better your skin the less face make-up you need!!
7. Lip Balm?? It is first on my list of products. I don’t leave the house without it. Especially this winter!! You don’t need to go with anything fancy here, it’s just great when it really works well!! This product does.
8. The best! Nuff said. I also keep Great Lash in my bag!
9. This eye shadow kit by Urban Decay is fabulous. I change up my look for different occasions.
10. Again, don’t forget the brows...I’m stepping up my brow routine…this compact has everything you really need.
11.  I’m not big into lip stick. In fact as you get older (those words again) lip stick seems to visually shrink your lips. I brush a small amount of gloss on my lips if I am heading out at night. During the day I tend to just wear clear balm. Buxom is my brand of choice. 
12. I wear simple bronze/brown liner in the corners of my eyes. My eyes are light so I need to keep my eye make-up fairly neutral. I find black closes my eyes in. I will however throw on a little emerald green shadow if I am going out on the weekend!! Laura Mercier makes a great quality liner. 
13. WATER. I drink it all day long. It will keep you looking young for years to come!! I try to have a least eight glasses a day!
I also use a bb cream lotion by MAC and a face powder by Bare Essentials to even out my skin tone!! 

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