I am so tired of even thinking about last year!! {if you are a regular to my blog I’m sure you picked up on the clues that my life was a bit of a disaster the past three months}. I didn’t have a chance to do much for myself, blog, home!! I was focused on my personal life, my babies and my business!! Don’t get me wrong, I love my business and blogging but this January I am going to focus on refreshing things on the home front a bit!!! Not too much because my ultimate goal is to MOVE to a bungalow {or something with that feel} with my children this year, but I need to at least finish my little girl’s room….!! {I am going to paint it tomorrow!} I thought this room above was sweet and reminded me of the direction I am heading with the deer and bunny inspiration. I am also loving feminine details and pink right now.   Pink is definitely the new neutral this year!!!

{I’m also finished with commenting on last year, I am all about looking ahead right now!! ;)}
also: look for changes and a new image for my blog very soon!!

Image: Traditional Home

22 thoughts on “Happenings…”

  1. Well, well… I am SO glad to hear someone else that has washed their hands of 2010! I'm with you sister… and what a fabulous way to start out the new year- a little girls room will be so fun! Can't wait to see what you do! LOVE the inspiration pic….


  2. Wishing you all good things in the New Year! I, too, need to do a little focusing on the home front 🙂

    Good luck with the kids room, hope you will remember to take some before and after images, and that you will share them with us!

    All positive thoughts coming your way!
    Northern Light

  3. I stumbled upon your blog and I can't stop reading! So much eye candy and amazing content. You're doing a great job and here's to a brand new year!

  4. I love your enthusiasm for the New Year and a fresh perspective – I am feeling the same way! Love the pink! On new year's day all I wanted to do was paint my bedroom a new color! Wishing you every happiness in the New Year!
    Fric and Frac

  5. Love this sweet space and I think deers and bunnies sound like a fairytale story!

    I'm sorry last year was so tough. I am in the same boat as you (I think.) Looking forward to a fresh start, new home, and inspired new perspective on life!

  6. I just changed my blog title as well. It is now chinioserie pink and now after reading this post I may just make the background hot pink like I initially planned. Looking forward to your change and sorry to hear 2010 was not so fab for you. If it makes you feel any better, it was quite depressing for me and I look to 2011 for a fresh start as well. I wish you the best this year…your blog is awesome!!! xx Danielle

  7. I love the dusty-ness of the pink in the drapes! And the bits of black ground it and give it more dimension. Lovely! Perhaps if my third child, due in June, is a girl, I will have a chance to refer back to this too! Happy New Year!

  8. Just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog & hope you have a wonderful 2011! I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties in 2010…wishing you all the best & here's to 2011!

  9. I absolutely love the pastel pink curtains, so young and fresh. And what eye candy with those beautiful wallpapers and coverings! Lovely blog by the way, I hope you have a much less draumatic 2011. All the best!

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