The hanging or “swing” chair

I have a great on-going project I’m working on. The client is a dream, and so easy to work with. We are in the process of finishing up her daughter’s bedroom. The daughter’s last request for her room: a hanging chair! Here are a few inspiration shots and ideas I sent over to the client! I think a white rattan version could work well in the space. They aren’t easy to find and I don’t really feel like having one painted. My fear is it won’t wear well.
above is the egg chair by Danish designer Nanna Ditzel. This version costs upwards of $3,000. ouch.
The lucite bubble chair by Eero Aarnio (1968)

More rattan versions, the one above is from the Home Port Collection! I’m sure this is fairly priced.
and the steal of the day, a hanging chair from IKEA. I’ve seen this in person, it’s fun and could work. I would add a plump pillow and maybe a sheep skin throw to the seat!

We’ll see what they like!

images: House Beautiful, Domino, British House and Garden, getty, Lonny – Lee Klienhelter’s home, 

17 thoughts on “The hanging or “swing” chair”

  1. I love these chairs… my grandparents had one growing up and I cannot tell you how many times we spun it around so much that it unscrewed from the wall… LOVE these images. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I would love to incorporate a seat like this in one of my boys rooms, but I am left with visions of them taking the 'swing' to the next level, including dents in walls and who knows what else, LOL! Maybe when they are a bit older. 😉

  3. i've literally almost bought the ball hanging chair about 100 times – i had it in my cart and all i had to do was click BUY – but i always stopped myself – reason why, i have a small house – but i'm DYING to own it!!!!!! – i for sure thought it would work in my livingroom, but after my ENOURMOUS sectional, no go :o(

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  4. A week ago I almost bought one of these off of Craigslist, but I missed my opportunity…it was being sold for $10, can you believe that? Now seeing these awesome images, I'm feeling even more regret!!!

  5. PLEASE post what you decide on…and maybe some pictures of the finished girls' room you are describing. I am working on my 10 year old daughter's room and she is dying for this very chair! I would love to see what else you have done for a girl's room! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Love your blog! THANKS!

  6. My parents have a hanging basket chair. They put it in the backyard close to the ground for all of the grandchildren to have their own seat next to the hammock. It is the best thing in the world!
    Lila Ferraro

  7. funny as my 11 year old is requesting the same! saw the one at ikea and think it may work. now just need to the hubby to find a beam to install it to so it doesn't come down. love the inspiration photos. get the project done quick and share some photos!


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