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Sherwin Williams: SW8EG5315 –

 I was doing a little blog catch up today. I’ve been so busy with my business, kids, teaching etc. that I don’t spend as much time reading blogs as I’d like. I have my daughter with me today, so she’s watching a little TV with a big bag of popcorn for a few minutes. I was reading today  Oh Happy Day. Jordan seems so sweet, so does her relationship with her husband. She and her hubby seem to work like a team, now wouldn’t that be nice? My friends always comment on how hard it must be doing the single Mommy thing. I’ve come to realize I was doing the single Mommy thing when I was married. Oh well, enough of that. Jordan has a segment on her blog about how easy it was to take down her “removable” wall paper. Removable paper is perfect for design enthusiasts like myself. (we quickly tire of the same colors, prints, designs etc.). The pattern is by Sherwin Williams, the number is SW8EG5135. I guess it’s tricky to put up but isn’t it a fun pattern and by Sherwin Williams…who knew? I may have to use this one when I find my little cottage by the sea. I also can’t wait to share the re-design, when I purchase my place…Fingers crossed that it happens sooner then later. We will see!! The bottom image is of Jordan removing the paper. Her family is moving into a 450 sq. foot apartment. Stay tuned and check out her wonderful blog for updates on her move and new space!

Nice job Jordan!

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  1. Seems a shame to take it down but I can't wait to see what she puts up! Fingers crossed for you! Happy Mother's Day and it sounds like you are doing a great job at the toughest job in the world, especially when doing it on your own!

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