Goose Neck..

The day I can begin my kitchen re-vamp will be a happy one, displaced stove and all I will be on top of the world just knowing I will have more counter space to cook and a dishwasher for my dirty dishes..(yes a dishwasher people – I have two young children and NO dishwasher) so of course my kitchen inspiration folder is bulging with loveliness! I’m very into the details of design, so on my “kitchen wish list” is absolutely a goose neck faucet! Here’s some gooseneck inspiration for your files or redo!

Jenna Lyon’s kitchen as seen in Domino – love this faucet!

and a modern goose neck by designer Brooke Giannetti
images: I think I spotted this kitchen on Pink Wallpaper – not sure though, Thomas Phesant, Steven Gambrel, Pam Pierce, ?, green kitchen – Miles Redd of course, Grey Crawford, ?, ?, David Netto, as noted.

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