goings on

Hello there. I have a crazy week ahead of me. I don’t want to neglect my blog and my lovely readers. Today I only have time to share a little peek from a job that I am wrapping up. I took these shots today, but after the art is installed I’m going to have this one professionally shot! Happy Tuesday loves!

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  1. *** Hi, Julie~~~ Would/could you PLEEEEEASE advise me of the make & name of the black n' white "animal print" fabric on pillow in the first pic??? I THINK it MIGHT be Schumaker, but I can't find it anywhere (probably because I am NOT a "professional"!)… PLEEEASE????????………….As my "overly dramatic" BFF would say, "I'll just D*I*E if I can't get a yard of it!!! Die, I tell you!!"… (Yeah, she's a kick!)…

    Can't wait til you share the REST of this~~~ looks like a winner to me!!!

    Linda in AZ 8

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