My dream is to some day design and build a simple but welcoming home. I’ve started an inspiration file, and have been compiling ideas for quite some time now. It would absolutely incorporate both sustainable and eco-friendly ideas. Think un-obtrusive solar panels, natural elements and low-voc products. These photos are of the Southern California “low impact kit home” of Lisa Bush and Scott Vineberg. Their home employs a number of energy saving features. Including, white finishes {the article claims light surfaces reflect light therefore possibly delaying global warming}, passive temperature control + a chlorine free pool.

Green Tips via the article

Mona Moore, Lisa’s avant-garde brand and shop. A Venice beach location is slated to open this Summer.

Their home has a bit of an industrial edge. Here are a few of my inspirational home images…I would love it to have a modern cottage – meets casually-chic farmhouse by the sea vibe…It would be on a smaller scale then these subtle feeling shots below..

Images: Design New England, Elle Decor, Cottage Living, www.Farmhousemodern.com

6 thoughts on “GOING GREEN..”

  1. These are beautiful houses. We were lucky enough to find a green built house and I’m completely in love with it. But to build your own – that would be amazing. Hope you realize your dream!

  2. It would be awesome to build a green house- there are so many great resources out there now and it just keeps getting better. What a great idea!

  3. I love how you summed that up “cottage meets casual farmhouse”. Yes, please. Several of the photos you shared are in my dream house folder. (and now a few new ones just got added!) fantastic.

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