Goals + A Fav.

GOALS, RESOLUTIONS, AMBITIONS, whatever you’d like to call them, I have a few I really want to focus on in 2012. I find if the list is too lengthy, not enough is accomplished. I have a top three list and then the little ideas that I’ll chip away at. (look for those on Monday/Tuesday)
1. Is to continue to grow my business and blog. I am putting the finishing touches on some amazing projects, and have two photo shoots and some other exciting events on the horizon. To continue to Grow and develop all facets of SHELTER is numero uno. (Actually being the best Mommy in the world is #1 but again that sort of goes without saying) 
2.  Settle my damn divorce – Who knew this process would take so long? I just need to wrap it up and move on. When that affair (no pun on words) is settled I can accomplish my next task.
3. BUY and RENOVATE a quaint fixer upper. I’ll be moving my digs this year, scary but also very exciting. Please stay posted for the change. If I do move, I will of course document any renovation and re-hab I take on.
So you ask? Why the photos of Lee Kleinhelter’s work? Well, she’s an inspiration. Like Lee, I enjoy keeping my designs graphic, exciting and timeless. She always gets it right and I adore her style and her shop. Her designs always WOW! I’m a sucker for the “wow” factor. My aim is to do the same for my clients.  I usually have to push them out of their comfort zones a bit, but when they take risks, I’m the first to know that they are so glad they did!!
I’ve always been an admirer of Lee Kleinhelter’s work. She and her husband have created a dynamic team. Lee is the designer and Kevin, the builder. Lee also owns an amazing shop in Atlanta (Buckhead), GA. aptly named Pieces. (to own a tiny store front will be a future goal in say: 2015, or so)  Here’s a peek at their office space.  It’s clear which is hers and his..
I actually just used this paper on a project!! I never tire of a David Hicks graphic.

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  1. You are amazing, Julie, and I look forward to reading your posts as you achieve your goals for 2012.

    I've been procrastinating about building a house on our farm, but this is the year I vow to take action. Gulp.


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