I know I discuss “what we all have” and “my wish lists on Shelter”. I love beautiful “things” as much as anyone else but I also recognize the importance of giving back and thinking of those who are less fortunate. There are a number of organizations to help and many will match your donation today. The Tuesday after Thanksgiving has become known as “the international day of giving”. I love this concept and can’t think of a better way to spread cheer this holiday season than to donate to a wonderful cause. There are far too many helpful organizations to list but here are a few that I love. I feel education is a huge component in helping people. I also choose a child to give to

The Hunger Project 


I have a newly made friend (through a great friend – her venture) who is incredibly talented. She started her own business a while back, Cece DuPraz. If you’re anything like me, you can appreciate the personalized touch of a monogram. Marion does a beautiful job, her designs and attention to detail speaks for itself. I’m also a firm believer in supporting small business owners. Marion is also giving back this holiday season. ( just be sure to place your orders before December 1st to guarantee delivery by Christmas.) 

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