Getting organized……Five changes to make.

Like most people I start the new year off with good intentions. As I’ve mentioned, my house is not large! (that’s the next house) so I need to be really careful with what I bring into my home and how I keep it organized. Besides needing to purge some toys and clothing I feel SOOOOO much better when my home is clean and organized. I find it is good to tackle one room or a few areas at a time. 

Here are the five tasks I am going to undertake to organize my home a bit more!! Happy Organizing!

1. Tackle my linen closet. I am NO Martha Stewart when it comes to folding sheets. My mother does an amazing job at folding the bottom sheet. I just don’t seem to have the patience for it. In any case, I am going to dump anything that doesn’t look new and fold all my sheets, towels and blankets as neatly as possible. I am also going to organize my toiletries and toss any old make up, soap, shampoo etc. that I do not use. I love the idea of using pretty baskets, cups and trays to pull it all together. 

2. Finish unpacking and organize my basement!! I love the idea of building shelves and organizing all the paint, Christmas stuff and other junk that has taken over down there. This is a great idea and would be fairly cost effective!!
3. Create a command central. I have blogged about this before. I have a huge pin board hung and a calendar but I need more to corral the hundred pieces of paper, the 5 fundraiser sheets, multiple school events info., invites, bills and everything else in life that needs to be kept track of. I don’t even have a great wall to use, but have a small area I may section off. This is not the chicest look on earth but it is FUNCTIONAL and right now, I need function!!! A large calendar also helps to keep me organized, in addition to my phone!!
image via BHG
This is pretty and clean looking but not sure it is overly practical in my kitch.

4. Ditch a bunch of old toys (sorry kids) and finally really organize our playroom. I am so THANKFUL for the play space. I will use baskets, bins and I need to create an art area! My kids love to draw and paint!
5. Organize all of my jewelry. If you are anything like me you own lots of jewels and baubles. I started to organize them in the Spring. I hung all of my necklaces up, now it is time to tackle the drawers.

This would be ideal!
Here are some great storage ideas for your home!!
1//2//3//4 – great for makeup brushes//5//6//8 – I want this by our door for hats and gloves//9

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  1. Hello Julie – love your blog!
    May I suggest that you donate those old sheets and towels to a local animal shelter? The one near us takes them and uses them for doggy / kitty beds – cannot think of a better use for old towels! Thank you for your beautiful blog!!

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