Getting it right – Scarves

{via Lula}I love to wear scarves all season long! Here’s a few that got it {and always get it} right!

via whitsy + Hermes

{Vogue – Aug. 10′ – scanned by Shelter}

{Ascot Friday}
{love this look but it lasts for about ten minutes}

7 thoughts on “Getting it right – Scarves”

  1. I love this !
    I am living in the Land of Scarves, everyone wears them, from little ones to old ones , men and women .. even Pup sometimes wears one 🙂
    I have learned to wear all sorts of styles , lately my favorite is the periwinkle blue, Indian silk, my husband gave me as a gift a couple of years ago .. light as air and warm as toast.

  2. I have a wonderful collection of scarves that belonged to my mother in law who was "Priscilla of Boston"(yes really) She always wore a scarf with such style! I love wearing them and remembering her.

  3. If you use Jane clips the last look should last longer. I just put one on each side, at the back of the scarf to hold it forward and they're hidden by your hair so they can't be seen.

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