Aesthetics and design cohesion are a huge part of my job as a designer, but a third element that shouldn’t be over looked is functionality! I’m personally craving organization in my life right now.

I’m sharing this room today not for the aesthetics of the design but for how they used the perimeter of the space.  Each planned out “zone” ties together with the architectural elements of the home beautifully. The left hand side wall houses the tv, closed storage and open display shelving. The central focus of the room is the fireplace and built in seating wall. The right hand side is a designated personal work space. These three areas make wonderful use of the room’s floor plan. I also love how they have incorporated an art shelf above the desk area.  I most likely wouldn’t have matched the fabrics so perfectly but the bones of the room are clean, concise and well done! Images via ( I also would have flipped the comfy looking chairs to face the tv)

3 thoughts on “function!”

  1. I love how every part of this room is used well, and there is no clutter! Everything has its place in the room, and you're right that functionality is key to having a great design for a room. Also, choosing the right flooring and area rugs are important too. If you are interested in some creative flooring ideas, please check out

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