My stairway and hallway (my hallway is much smaller) look very similar to this image. I’ve always wanted to have a zebra runner… so that is my starting point….the runner is deep chocolate + cream.
Image: Kathryn Boyd

So, I’m sure you’ve heard this all before, but interior designers have no problem refining + building upon their fabulous ideas for clients, but when it comes to their home it gets a little tricky. I am drawn to so many beautiful objects and styles, my options feel limitless but my budget is not. My foyer/entrance/stairway are in dire need of an update, so I’m in the process of putting together some concepts + ideas. I love to mix classic + modern, new + vintage, to create spaces with a neutral background but add doses of color for depth + interest. Here is what I’ve pulled together so far, please feel free to comment!!!

I want to cover two entry windows with banded roman’s in kelly green with a deep turquoise band or a mix of those two colors in some way… I am currently sourcing a linen..

Possible bench fabric – a place to sit + remove shoes etc.
Fabric- Alan Campbell – Cintra ( need to verify scale of print = it may need to be larger)

Inspired by this table…I am going to paint the one pictured below in a glossy black finish.
Image: Kelly Wearstler, Modern Glamour.

This was my grandmother’s piece..

I want to bring some color in with the lamp…I thought this was interesting, its green and turquoise… two of the colors I use through-out my home.
Lamp: First Dibs, Found

Mirror Choices

Option 1 – Large clean lined mirror for behind entrance table
Image: Ikea

Option 2 – Large antiqued mirror for over and behind entrance table
Image: Z Gallerie

Possible entrance ceiling mounted fixture…Love to infuse every space with a bit of sparkle.
Image: Ochre

I’ve already started a large photo wall and am mixing black and white frames with color + black and white photos.. This may take a while to finish, I want it to look as if it’s evolved..
Image: InStyle Home

I own this very large pendant, so I plan to hang it in the stairway for a dash of drama.


5 thoughts on “FOYER – REVAMP”

  1. Beautiful blog. I can understand you wanting to paint that piece of furniture black. your grandmother’s piece, it would look awesome, but don’t take it to Antique’s Roadshow, they would get all over you for doing it! Best wishes.

  2. I’m sure Bernice would be pleased you were incorporating her table in your design and I love black furniture these days.
    The light fixture is great and I vote for option 2 on the mirror!
    And I think you know how I feel about a photo wall display – what’s not to like? Good luck with your project !

  3. What wonderful choices, I cant wait to see how they all come together. I’m sure it will look fab! Please post pics during the revamp too, I cant wait to see.

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